The authors of the report of the STRINT workshop, held by STREWS in February 2014, published an updated report. This is the version 02, the third version after 00 and 01. It changes small (spelling) errors and it removes one appendix. The appendix, which contained the abstracts of all papers that were submitted to the workshop, is now integrated in the workshop's Web pages instead.

This version is officially still a draft. The final text will be an Internet RFC. When linking to the report, note that there there are several URLs:

  1. The version on the W3C Web site, integrated in the STRINT Web pages, will always contain the latest version of the report, i.e., the URL is constant, but the content changes when the report is updated.
  2. The data tracker at the IETF shows the version history of the report, including detailed changes, and has links to the various formats (plain text, XML, PDF and HTML) in which the current version is available.