We are inviting people, especially those who maintain Web sites, to fill in our survey:

STREWS Web-security interactive survey

We would like to know what security threats you care about most and what (technical) means you already deploy to protect your Web sites and the sites' users.

The STREWS project is tasked with writing a European Roadmap for Research on Web Security. It provides guidance for ongoing and future research and standardisation. The roadmap will be useful for the European Union in determining future funding for research projects; and for standards organisations such as W3C and the IETF, to direct the development of security-related standards.

This survey will help us assign priorities to the topics in the roadmap.

The roadmap, in the form of a report, will be freely available from this site later this year.

We would especially like to have your input if you are coordinator of a European project (7th Framework, Horizon 2020), but also if you are the maintainer of a Web site, whether big or small.

The survey asks about:

  1. Use of web technologies
  2. Awareness of Web Security challenges
  3. Use of security enhancements
  4. Known gaps
  5. Awareness of mitigation techniques
  6. Mobile aspects

The survey is open until 2 October 2015